Destiny 2: Witch Queen Could Become Game’s Most Preordered Expansion Ever

Destiny 2: Witch Queen Could Become Game’s Most Preordered Expansion Ever

The upcoming expansion has surpassed 1 million preorders already.

Do NOT pre-order the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion for PS4…brick your console for $108.00

I’m putting this here so that there is a document of the absolutely inexcusable behavior by Bungie/Sony. Penalized for supporting the only game I ever play….If I could find a PS5 this wouldn’t be problem for me but Sony just can’t manufacture enough product because of COVID(even though essentially everybody has been vaccinated for 2 years now)…they can shell out $3.6 billion to acquire Bungie…but just CAN’T seem to make more of the only thing keeping them alive as a company right now. So hopefully they’ll fix this by Tuesday at the latest…if I miss Iron Banner I’m done with this game and I’m gonna take my money that I’ve had set aside for almost 3 years now to buy a PS5 and NOT buy one AND never deal with this completely uncalled for stress and disappointment ever again. They really F*cked up big time on this one.

Forsaken VS Witch Queen | Destiny 2

Lets compare arguably the two best expansions in Destiny 2: Witch Queen and Forsaken. Today we’ll take a nostalgia trip and break down everything each one brought to the table.
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0:00 Intro
0:37 Context
4:31 Forsaken
11:12 Witch Queen
17:35 Final Thoughts
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IHE delves deep into his complicated relationship with the Destiny franchise, reviewing the Witch Queen and Beyond Light Expansions in arguably too much detail.


00:00 Intro
06:41 How To Start, How To Buy, Is It Even Worth a Try?
27:10 Beyond Light Quest Review
1:00:38 Witch Queen Quest Review
1:56:40 The Bigger Picture

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